Details of Teacher Training (2020-2021)

“A quality education grants us the ability to fight the war on ignorance and poverty.” Charles B. Rangel.


A virtual seminar was organized by CBSE for teachers on 15th May 2020. It was well attended by our teachers.

The seminar was headed by Resource Person Ms. Abha Jha who is teacher by profession. She talked about the need of skills in schools and discussed about the importance of the role of teachers in building character of the students which is much greater than the role of the parents.

The most sensitive issues in a child’s life, that is, adolescence was discussed.

Another aspect was talked of at length was life skills. Life skills are behaviours used appropriately and responsibly in the management of personal affairs.

Another important issue on the upscalling policy of scholastic grades on the basis of co-scholastic grades, along with gaining and understanding on how to give scores to students on the basis of different life skills, attitudes and values. The whole learning process of the Seminar was very fruitful and knowledgeable.


With the ongoing pandemic during the year 2020-21 a virtual seminar was organized for the teaching faculty on 20th October 2021 which was chaired by our Resource Person Rev. Fr. Sebastian Francis. The resource person focused the point that every subject has its own intrinsic pedagogy that must be employed by teachers to help students acquire the relevant knowledge. He made the teachers understand how each subject should be taught, and also learnt the subject – specific pedagogical which would develop in students, an appreciation of what different subjects have in common, and also how they are distinctive.

The whole session was very fruitful for the teachers as it is practically applicable and made the teaching for the teachers.


Virtual Seminar was organized for the teaching faculty on 2nd January 2021 and the resource person was Ms. Monisha Gupta, a Principal Presenter of Examinations and Teacher Trainer from New Delhi.

She focused on the subject NEP in detail. She spoke about the challenges and its impacts of the New Education Policy. It was a very interactive and fruitful learning session for the teachers to implement the NEP in our School Curriculum. The teachers went offline in great gratitude for the enormous enrichment.

Other than the above said seminars our teachers also attended 4 training programmes organized by Sahodaya Schools Association, Prayagraj during the year 2020-21.